Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra
Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra
Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra

Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra

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Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra

We've all been there right?  Tried out a new pattern with the 'good' kit, only to have it not work out so well and our beautiful, special fabrics become unwearable!

Well, here's the solution.  Practice packs that you don't have to feel too precious about and can be used to create muslins/toiles of bras.  Use these to perfect the fit before you cut into your gorgeous kit.

These packs are made up of the remnant fabrics and elastics and as such contain assorted colours and potentially some slight flaws.  Elastics occasionally may need piecing together.  These are topped up with hook and eyes, rings and sliders and channeling that can be reused.

Each pack contains:

  • Duoplex and powernet
  • Band, strap and picot elastic
  • Hook and eye x 1
  • Rings and sliders x 1 set
  • Channeling

*Choose your kit based on whether you need 12mm elastics/2x3 hook and eye OR 19mm elastics and a 3x3 hook and eye.

Perfect for a practice run of most bra patterns that call for a stable fabric base.

Underwire are NOT included as these need to be chosen for size.  Underwires can be found here.

Practice packs are chosen at random (colours will vary) and the photos are an indication only on what to expect.  The packs are made up as remnant fabric becomes available so may not always be in stock.

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