5 Helpful Resources to Start Bra Making

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As a beginner in the world of bra making, there are many factors that can be intimidating and downright confusing! Here you'll find 5 helpful resources to help you out on your bra sewing journey.

My hope is this will find you excited to begin and continue to explore this fabulous, addictive, and immensely satisfying sewing skill.

1. Download our FREE PDF BOOK

Our very first e-Book "Getting Started in Bra Making - Vol 1 - Introductory Steps" is available as a FREE PDF download in exchange for your email address.

A common feeling amongst beginner (and intermediate!) bra makers is uncertainty and intimidation. This free PDF is the first in a series I've created I would have loved to have had at my fingertips when I first started out on my bra making journey.

"My aim is to take away any intimidation, whether you're a complete beginner, or have a few bras under your belt. "

If you prefer to read on your tablet, we've also created this in the form of a totally interactive digital e-Book! You can purchase that here at the link below.

"Getting Started in Bra Making - Vol 1 - Introductory Steps Digital e-Book" 

2. Figure out your measurements & underwire size with our e-Book Series

Continuing on from Volume 1, we also have available Volumes 2 & 3 to continue to untangle the mystery of bra making.

Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size

When I was a beginner, I remember the measuring part of bra-making was quite confusing!  Sometimes my measurements varied, sometimes my calculations produced different results - how was I supposed to know which size bra to cut out?!  

Can you relate?

I’ve learnt a lot since then and I’ve put all that knowledge into this easy to follow e-book ‘Measuring and Bra Size.’
"Start your bra-making off on the right foot (boob) with this essential resource."
You'll learn about which body measurements are required for bra making, how to accurately take these measurements and then how to apply them to calculate your bra size. 

BONUS: You’ll also have access to an instructional ‘how to measure’ video!


Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 3 Underwires

Knowing your perfect underwire style and size is the key to a comfortable, well fitting bra. But how do you unlock that knowledge?!

It can be so confusing and seem so complicated, choosing YOUR underwire.
"My aim for this volume was to create an all inclusive, easy to follow reference that will guide you through how to choose the perfect underwire."
You’ll learn all about underwires, how they are sized and how that relates to bra pattern sizing - and what to do if your bra size and underwire size don’t match!

BONUS: You’ll also have access to an instructional ‘taking a breast root trace’ video! 

3. Choose a Pattern

Choosing a pattern to begin with can be daunting!

Many lingerie pattern designers generously create free patterns for us home sewists to use. 

Check out the Resources Tab on Nellie Joans website to see quite the selection of bras and briefs patterns that are all free. An inexpensive way to get started and hone your skills with elastics and lace before you extend your repertoire!

Go and check them out and make some gorgeous lingerie!



4. Purchase a Beginner Kit!

On our website under the Kits Tab you'll find a selection of Beginner Kits. These are especially designed with the beginner in mind.

They include beginner friendly fabric and are tailored to specific patterns.  Also included are notes on fabric type and grainlines.


Occasionally we will list Practice Packs on the website so keep an eye out for these bargains.

Practice Packs ~ Underwire Bra

With practice packs, you don't have to feel too precious about the fabrics and they can be used to create muslins/toiles of bras.  Use these to perfect the fit before you cut into your gorgeous kit.

These packs are made up of the remnant fabrics and elastics and as such contain assorted colours and potentially some slight flaws.  Elastics occasionally may need piecing together.  These are topped up with hook and eyes, rings and sliders and channeling that can be reused.

5. Request a Custom Kit

Custom kits are always available so if you have a different pattern that you would like a beginner kit for then please contact me via email or connect with me on Instagram.

You can email me at helen@nelliejoans.co.nz or message on Instagram @nelliejoans and we can come up with a plan, some gorgeous fabric and findings, and get you started on your bra making addiction, I mean, sewing!!



These five resources Nellie Joans has to help you on your bra making journey are only the beginning. The bra making world for home sewists is continuing to grow steadily and we have access to so many lovely fabrics, laces and quality findings these days.

Nellie Joans is proud to be offering an ever evolving array of products for you to perfect your craft and create well fitting lingerie that you can be proud of.

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