Colour Inspiration ~ December 'Precious Jewels'

Helen Cloke colour inspiration precious jewels

Ahhhh, the deep and opulent jewel tones.

Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Turquoise and Amethyst.  These rich colours look fantastic paired with luxurious lingerie fabrics such as satin, lace and velvet.  A single colour can stand alone quite beautifully but also really shine when combined with another jewel tone.  They also look great in combination with black for a more moody styling.  


Navy lace exudes a cool sense of control.  The combination of stretch lace, shown here in navy floral and navy powernet make a great bralette.  Use navy strap elastic for extra support under the lace straps.  You could try the free lace bralette pattern by So Sew Easy to adapt to this style of soft bra.


Ruby pink and purple is sooo much fun! And I love a good mesh bra!  Purple stretch mesh could be used if your pattern requires stretch fabric or, layer it over a sheer lining for support.  The new raspberry coloured elastics are a great match as they are a rich pink with a hint of purple.


I love the sheer bras where you can see the inner structure and workings.  A fine raspberry stretch lace is a great contrast to the darker seam lines that could be further emphasised with velvet ribbon in fuchsia.


A longline version of the Watson bra by Cloth Habit would look lovely in this lacePicot elastic in Petrol (one of my favourite colours) would finish the edges nicely and could even be used to highlight the seam lines of the the cups.


You can take a fairly simple shaped pattern and make it distinctive by adding extra seamlines and applique details.  This bra tulle in teal could be layered to create different depths of colour and then cut into strips and made into narrow ribbons (like using the technique you'd use to make belt loops) for decorative pattern making.  Elastics in emerald green add vibrancy.

I'm quite partial to Emerald myself, it being my birth stone.  What is your favourite jewel?

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