Colour Inspiration March ~ All The Colours!

Helen Cloke colour inspiration limited edition kit

The colour inspiration for March is "All the Colours!"

Just like a crayon box that's full of happy colours, our lingerie drawer can also be a rainbow of beautiful brights that make you feel happy just by opening it.

Colour evokes different feelings in people and I'm not afraid to have plenty of colour in my wardrobe, outer or under-wear! 

A March Instagram competition I'm inspired to participate in is @katiekortmanart's "Sew, Knit and Wear Happy Colour" with both my lingerie sewing and what I'll be wearing overtop. I'm super excited to see what else I can discover about colour over the month.

Do join us! It will be so much fun and we have such a variety of colours in fabrics, laces, and kits at Nellie Joans. I dare you to try a new colour combination - be brave and brighten up you undergarments for the month of March!



This month's Limited Edition Kit is the perfect rainbow of happy colours to make you smile as you sew and wear that amazing masterpiece.


We look forward to seeing what you'll make up this month. Don't forget to tag us @nelliejoans so we can see and share what you've been up to.

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