Mini Review ~ Acacia Underwear by Megan Nielsen Patterns

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Acacia Underwear made in 'The Lawrence' kit.

Beginner Winner!  The Acacia briefs are low rise, bikini cut brief with ample coverage.

Acacia briefs

Mini Review 

  • Pattern Designer: Megan Nielsen Patterns
  • Bra Type: Hipster style bikini
  • Skill Level: Beginner 
  • Size Range: XS - XL
  • Time frame: A very quick sew

I sewed two pairs production line style for even more speed!

Value for money: 

Absolutely!  You can't get any better than free - you can receive this pattern on signing up for their newsletter - see the pattern link here.

Clear Instructions: 

The diagrams, written instructions and the formatting of these make for very easy to understand instructions.  Every step is clearly set out, even how to 'burrito' enclose the gusset seams, something that beginners will appreciate.  There are useful additional notes peppered throughout to support the main instructions.

Accurate materials list:

I love how the recommended fabric length is given in centimetres/inches i.e. for size L you need 30cm of fabric.  So there is no rounding up to for example, a yard for all sizes.  There is also suggested lengths for the waist and leg elastic but notes on how to personalise these lengths to your measurements.

The materials list is very accurate or it suggests cutting a pair out of scraps.

Clear fabric recommendations:

Yes!   There is even a stretch percentage table.

Matching set potential: 

No as this pattern is just for briefs and recommended for a knit fabric.  You'd have to search out a bra or bralette pattern that required similar fabric.

Variation possibilities: 

There are instructions for three different elastic finishes so there is variation potential there.  I think that you could easily add in some style lines and mix different fabrics together.  I've also made a pair with an decorative lace overlay on the front piece only.

One elastic variation - lingerie elastic.  I also used fold-over elastic around the waist.

Invisible panty line: 

Nah, you will get a bit of dig in depending on what elastic is used and how firmly it is applied.  The back piece has an interesting curved shape to the leg hole though and this hugs the bum nicely.

The pattern is designed with a curve to the rear leg hole


For beginners, this is a great pattern to start with and you can rely on Megan to hold your hand through the construction.  For more experienced sewists then these are a fantastically quick whip 'em up style brief that will give you satisfaction and comfort.  A winner all ways.


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