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Helen Cloke comox trunks Mini Review The Leigh

I am a huge Thread Theory patterns fan - I think their menswear line of sewing patterns is a really thorough collection of modern, wearable pieces.  I'm pretty sure I own every single pattern that they have produced and it's probably my most frequently sewn pattern company.

So, it was about time I tried the Comox trunks ~ sewn up in 'The Leigh' kit.

The Leigh kit gives you a choice out of three colour combinations.

Mini Review 

  • Pattern Designer: Thread Theory Designs Inc.
  • Briefs Type: Form fitting, mens trunks
  • Skill Level: Advanced beginner
  • Size Range: 24" to 45" waist
  • Time frame: Nice and quick

Value for money: 

The pdf is $16.50 NZD so approx. equal in price to other underwear patterns.  I guess you aren't getting the variations that come with other designs but Thread Theory do produce high quality patterns.

Clear Instructions: 

I find the Thread Theory written instructions really well formatted and easy to follow.  Each step is not only numerically listed but also broken down into categories and comes with clear illustrations.

There is a sewalong on their website for these trunks but I found the written instructions easier to follow.

Also included is tips on setting up your machine and what stitches to use so thats helpful information if you are new to sewing knits.

Accurate materials list:

Other Thread Theory patterns I have found to be on the overly generous side with their fabric amount recommendations but this one is closer to being accurate.  I used 50cm of a 165cm wide fabric and had some to spare.  Their recommendation is 60cm for 150cm wide fabric. 

The pieces fit easily onto 50cm x WOF

Clear fabric recommendations:

Absolutely!  There is half a page in the instructions dedicated to what fabrics to choose, what stretch percentage they should have and also information on choosing elastics.

In fact, in the 8 page instruction booklet there is 2.5 pages of sewing instruction and the rest is dedicated to supporting information.  Also I love when the seam allowance depth is made clear and put in an obvious spot.

Matching set potential: 

Well not really given men don't usually wear matching sets but Thread Theory do have a great free pattern for a singlet, the Arrowsmith (link found here) so you could make a matching set with that.

Variation possibilities: 

Yes I think so!  Boxer briefs don't have to be boring!  You could mix and match all manner of colours and prints.  There are quite a few smaller pieces to this pattern that would look great highlighted as contrasts.

Sewing of all six fly pieces together (for three pairs)

I made three pairs in production line style and not only was this quite a quick way to sew them all up but it also meant I could swap around the colours between the pairs.

Mixing up all the colours for some cool contrast


This is a really nice fitting pattern and true to size.  Check how the wearer likes their boxer briefs to fit as these are quite an athletic cut.  I made mine 4cm longer in the leg (instructions on how to do this are found in the sewalong on the TT blog.) so you may want to make the same alteration.

This double layer gusset piece could have been sewn with enclosed seams.

The only other change I wish I had made was to sew the gusset piece with enclosed seams - I thought about this just as I zipped the last pair through the overlocker.  Darn.


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