Mini Review ~ Euler Bra by Sophie Hines

Helen Cloke Euler bralette pattern review the goldie kit

'The Euler Bralette' made in 'The Goldie' kit

The Euler bra is a modern looking, soft bra pattern that has an on trend, exposed wide elastic band.  

Mini Review 

The Bra:

  • Pattern designer: Sophie Hines
  • Bra type: Soft bra (no underwires) two piece cup with an exposed elastic bra band or additional second bra band
  • Skill level: Intermediate 
  • Size range: Bust 30 - 46 inches, underbust 25 - 38 inches
  • Shape range: For a wide variety of shapes
  • Time frame: Slightly longer time frame than a standard soft bra

Value for money? 

Comparable to other similar patterns

Clear Instructions?

There was something about the formatting of these instructions that made it hard for me to process the information.  There is a lot going on on each page.  Sizing starts at XS but XXS is included in the sizing chart so that confused me for a wee while! 

The method described for sewing the cups and lining wasn't what I expected and it fought against the way I'm familiar with so in the end I went with what I know. 

I layered the main fabric and lining so that the seams ended up sandwiched between the layers

Looking back, I've realised I attached my criss-cross straps in a different place to what is shown in the marketing photos.  However, I can't see any reference in the instructions for this alternative placement. 

Marketing photos show the crossed straps attaching closer to the bra cups.

So my general comment would be perhaps try this bra after you've sewn a few other soft bras and then just go with what you know with the construction.

Accurate materials list ?

Fabric suggested is 1/3 of a yard of both main and lining fabric.  There are only two cup pieces for 'View A,' so even for the larger sizes you need next to no fabric.  I cut size small from a fat 1/4 (75cm x 50cm) and have most of it left over!

Great scrap buster! Even with pattern matching I used hardly any fabric.

Clear fabric recommendations? 

Fabric options and stretch percentages listed

Matching set potential?

You could easily combine this with a briefs pattern requiring stretch fabric.

Variation possibilities?

The two piece cup is seamed so that using contrasting fabrics on each piece would work really well.  I think it would look really cool if the outer piece was cut from a see-through mesh giving a little bit of side-boob peek-a-boo.  The double band is a nice feature and could also be played up with mixing and matching fabric and elastics.


This is a cool looking bralette but perhaps not one to try as a first project.




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  • Helen ~ Nellie Joans on

    Hi, I think that it might just be an optical illusion caused by the fabric pattern. The smaller piece is on the outside of the cups. :)

  • Heather on

    From The looks of the picture, you sewed the cups backwards, was that on purpose and why? The little part of the cup is suppose to be the side cup.

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