Mini review ~ Romy Bra by Ohhh Lulu

Helen Cloke mini review paloma kit romy bra

The Romy bra made up in 'The Paloma' kit

The Romy bra is a 3-piece soft cup bra with a shaped wing.

Mini Review 

The Bra:

  • Pattern designer: Ohhh Lulu
  • Bra type: Soft bra with a three piece cup 
  • Skill level: Beginner who has made a bra or two 
  • Size range: XS to XXL (34' - 45' or 86cm - 115cm)
  • Shape range: A wide variety of shapes and those that prefer full coverage
  • Time frame: Quite quick

Value for money? 

I think so.  The design has quite a bit of detail for a soft bra and although there are two variations shown there is also bonus instructions for a third variation.  All would give quite different results for the style of bra.

Clear Instructions?

Yes.  For those who follow along better with visuals rather than the written word there are clear photographs of all the steps and this is further supported by videos on the Ohhh Lulu YouTube channel.  I found the 1/2" seam allowance a bit awkward to work with but I did like the way that the order of construction allows all the seam allowances to be enclosed.  I deviated from the pattern when it came to strap construction - the instructions have you sew the front of the strap directly to the bra apex and I used a connecting ring instead.

Accurate materials list ?

Yes.  The quantities given for the fabrics are not excessive and the notion sizes are clearly described.  There is no width given for the fold over elastic, however this wouldn't really effect the sewing process.

Clear fabric recommendations? 

There are a few different types of fabric suggested for use in this pattern.  All are stretch fabrics as this is what is required however, no stretch percentage is given.  Ohhh Lulu does recommend sewing a test bra first to compensate.

Matching set potential?

Yes.  The bra can be made up from a variety of fabrics, mesh and lace so these could easily be used in some way to create co-ordinating briefs.

Variation possibilities?

As mentioned above, there are three variations to this pattern, including a bonus strappy detail so there is a lot of potential for customisation.  There is also a supporting YouTube video on how to line with foam.


I think this is a nice soft bra pattern with some lovely details so that it almost branches the gap between bralette and underwire bra.

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