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Helen Cloke be kind monthly musing

Be Kind.  It's a phrase we (in Aotearoa) have heard a lot of over the last few month's while our PM has guided us through the Covid-19 pandemic.

I think it's so brilliant that such a simple, six letter phrase can have such a strong meaning and impact.  Be Kind. The importance of this is massive and it's cliched add-on of 'you never really know what other people are going through' bears keeping in mind as well.

Be kind encompasses everything.  Being kind to others no matter any differences, being kind to other living beings, being kind to the environment and the world we live in and of course, being kind to yourself.

I took some time recently to be kind to myself.  It had been a long time since I had made myself a bra and knickers set and since I was crushing hard on this month's Limited Edition kit I decided that utilising the end cuts of fabric for this purpose was the perfect way to show myself a little kindness.  It felt nice to be taking time for myself, crafting something that I loved.

bra and knickers set

This has me thinking.  I'm going to consciously practice the art of kindness by one act of kindness to someone/something else and one towards myself each day.  Obviously I'm not limiting myself to just being kind twice!  I just mean that I'm going to be mindful and responsive to these two times.  It doesn't have to be anything huge or expensive.  If I'm walking down the street and think, 'Man, that persons coat is really cool,' then I'll verbalise that thought to them rather than shyly keep it to myself.  Or, I'll allow myself 30 minutes to practice some yoga rather than guilting myself into unloading the dishwasher instead.

Last night my husband finished work at 10.30pm and got called back out to work at 6am so I've bought him a chocolate, custard cream donut from our local boutique bakery as a surprise to have with his lunch and to show our appreciation.  I'm counting that as a start.

chocolate donut

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What is an act of kindness that someone has shown towards you that has been memorable?  Or what have you spontaneously done for someone else that was really appreciated?  

Helen xxx



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  • Lynda on

    Great post Helen – that phrase is something I often tell myself but it’s normally being kind to others, and often neglect myself. My work colleague randomly bought me a coffee when she came to work last week – it made my day 😊

  • Gill on

    Lovely blog Helen – I had heard this phrase repeatedly over the past few months but had not really stopped to think about it – my mind just thought “of course, I’m kind” but hold on a minute, how can I do it better? Liked your reflection very much.

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