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Helen Cloke change divert from your path monthly musing

Have you ever suddenly found yourself diverting from the path you thought you were on?

You started at Point A and are moving towards the quite clear destination of Point B when you happen to glance sideways.  Ohhh, what's over there?  Point C?  Now that looks quite appealing...Do you stick to the plan or explore the unknown?

This has been my journey since our decision to put our house on the market two months ago.  It was never our intention to sell our house; it's a small, 80m2 weatherboard cottage and I love tiny house living!  It never takes long to get from one room to the other and its little footprint means less to clean.  We've also only just finished renovating our home too, inside and out and haven't really had the chance yet to appreciate all the new-ness.

We were quite happily planning to live there for a long time when my husband came home one day and proposed an alternative plan.  This plan made a lot of sense.  This plan would not only benefit us but other members of our family too.  A quick (but well thought out) decision was made and our home was made ready for market. 

weatherboard cottage

This can happen with sewing projects too.  You can have a clear vision in your head of what the final garment will look like and how you are to achieve that and then somewhere along the way that changes.  Maybe the creative process yielded a better method of construction that changes the outcome.  Maybe you have to change plans due to an unforeseen problem or mistake.  Perhaps the more involved you got in the project meant a better understanding and more inspired ideas?

It can be good to divert from the path you thought you were on.  Change equals growth and opens up possibilities.  Our decision to sell our home means more potential to grow Nellie Joans and that is something I'm super excited about!

I'd love to hear about a project you have done (in sewing or in life) where you had to change plans and followed a different direction which lead to a fabulous outcome!

Happy Sewing,

Helen xxx

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  • Lynda on

    Your house looks just the kind of house I’d love to live in. I love change – it really shakes up new ideas and direction and often gives you new enthusiasm and energy.

  • Gill Plume on

    Good on you! change is a mind game isn’t it. Some changes take you a bit of time to process and others are just ‘yes, lets do it’. Looking forward to seeing what the extra space translates into… Gill

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