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I've been back from holiday for 19 days and writing this blog post has been on my to-do list for 18 days.  Why have I put it off for so long?  Especially since I actually enjoy writing posts.

I also enjoy to-do lists; I feel a smug sense of satisfaction from writing down a list of intentions.  Having tasks all set down on paper makes me feel like I've already put in a lot of effort in to making them happen so I feel quite justified in my procrastination on actually completing them.

For example; getting a warrant of fitness for my car has also been on the to-do list since I realised it expired while I was away.  The warrant testing station is only a few minutes drive from my house and yet I've been putting that off too.  If I was pulled over while driving along, I'm not sure a police officer will accept my brandished to-do list as an excuse and an example of my very best intentions to get it done.  "Honestly officer, I've put in a darn good effort into getting this remedied.  See?  It's here in black and white." 

Luckily I'm not always this tardy with tasks, I like to think I'm just easing myself back in to reality after a lovely time on holiday.

So here we go - Things I would have blogged about had I been here:

A New Colour Inspiration ~ Embracing winter and a different colour scheme for me with 'Greyscale' a monotone palette inspired by some antique wallpaper.  Tones from white to black are quite easy to match with almost anything and so that in turn inspired this month's Limited Edition Kit.

Limited Edition Kit ~ This months kit, 'The Stone' is a kit of basics.  All the handy bits and bobs you need to make a bra or briefs when you may already have a fashion fabric in mind and just need some co-ordinating notions ready to hand.

Makes ~ No new makes were sewn this month so no Mini Reviews or My Match-up's but I have been pattern testing for a designer and can hopefully showcase that in the near future.

Birthdays ~ It was my birthday while I was away and anyone who made an order on that day was sent a little gift from Nellie Joans.  I think it is really important to celebrate birthdays and to celebrate you being the amazing you that you are.  I always take the day off on my birthday and enjoy guilt free time doing whatever I fancy.  Last year I made a beaded necklace with a kit from The Bead Hold.  This year I spent it in the sunshine at an outdoor market in Dresden with a beer and street food.

Speaking of Birthdays...On the 1st of July, we will be celebrating one year of business for Nellie Joans!  How exciting is that?!  I've got some giveaways and competitions planned so keep an eye out for a follow up post with more information and also on our Instagram @nelliejoans for all the details.

Tick!  Another to-do is done.

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  • Lynda on

    Wow I can’t believe it’s been a whole year!! You’ve achieved so much in such a short time.

    I LOVE your necklace! That is very cool ❣️

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