Monthly Musing ~ Wedding Season

Helen Cloke

November's pretty kits were made up in soft whites, ivory and white lace.  White lingerie always makes me think about bridal wear, especially now we are coming into wedding season here in New Zealand.

The Jane and The Kelly kits

Kat, my interviewee for the month is deep in wedding plans for her approaching nuptials in February.  Not only is she making her wedding dress, she is also pretty much making the fabric to make it from! Plus I think there was also mention of a second dress for the reception?  Oh yes! I better also mention the accessories!  I don't think she has plans on making lingerie though as her wedding dress is already a supportive, corset style so no bra will be required.

This has made me ponder whether or not I wish that I had had more of a DIY wedding...I craft for everything else but when it came to my wedding I was happy to make the decisions and pay other people to carry them out for me.

My dress was purchased from a bridal shop and it ticked NONE of my boxes but I tried it on to appease the shop assistant and as soon as I did, we (me, my mom and my sister) knew it was the one.  Sometimes it pays to work outside of pre-conceived ideas.

Detail of the beaded corset of my wedding dress

The wedding lingerie I put absolutely no though into what-so-ever!  Strange isn't it?!  Although I wasn't sewing my own by then, I still loved gorgeous lingerie, but I was happy enough just having a basic, strapless bra that worked under the wedding dress corset.  I was perhaps a little over making decisions by then so if it could be quickly and easily ticked of the list then it was a winner.

My wedding underwear was chosen based on what would be invisible under a form fitting skirt that I changed into to do my wedding dance.  Yes - it was very 'Oscars host' with the costume changes but we figured out early on that there was no way I could dance in the skirt part of my wedding dress, it was much too large and had a small train to trip me up!  Luckily it was a two piece and I could still wear the beaded top.

The very detailed and very long skirt

So my wedding lingerie was a boring white strapless bra and some beige, elastic-less granny knickers.  I think if I was to go back in time and craft anything for my wedding then it would be the lingerie.  I'd make something more special, something more me.  The rest of my wedding was perfect though and I wouldn't change a single thing.

So I'm curious!  Did you put effort into your wedding lingerie?  Or even the dress itself?  Was your underwear practical because that's what suited the dress or was it full on fancy?  Did you change out of one set and into another?  Are you getting married this wedding season and hand making any of the items?  I'd love to know all the details.  Let me live a DIY wedding vicariously through you!


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  • Lynda on

    What a stunning wedding dress Helen!
    I had no fancy underwear either for my first wedding at the age of 21 although I made my own dress, 3 bridesmaids dresses and the men’s ties!! Don’t know how I even did that now – ignorance is bliss.
    Wedding number two however was a off the rack olive green velvet number which was much more me and stress free!! Still no fancy underwear though as I wasn’t making my own at that stage.

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