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I've spent the whole month trying to gather inspiration on what to write about for the wrap up 'monthly musing' and nothing has struck me.

Usually I've got a bit of an idea by the start of the month, I mull it over, mollycoddle and nurture it in my head over the second week and by the third week I've got some really thoughtful sentences put together and a lovingly structured musing ready to type up and send out to you all.

It's taken until the afternoon of the last day of January for me to finally have the idea to write about having no ideas!

Sometimes this happens.  Is it the weather?  Is it being too busy and not giving myself time or space to think?  If you know, will you let me know too?  It'll save a lot of guilt over wasted time.

I'm feeling in a bit of a funk with sewing too.  I'm coining a new term...I have...'Selective Sew-jo.'  Not quite as bad as regular lack of sew-jo, where you don't feel inspired to sew anything at all, selective sew-jo is where you can't be bothered with a specific aspect of sewing.

I currently have two projects that I am completely passionate about.  The Calvin Wrap Dress by True Bias and the Play Top by Secondo Piano.  I fell in love and bought these patterns almost immediately as they were released.  I'm so excited about making them, they will be perfect summer weather wearing and I have delicious fabric lined up for them.  A gingernut coloured tencel from Jones and Taylor and a dark navy tencel twill from Studio of Sewing.  Yet, I haven't started either of them.  Just the thought of laying out a couple of metres of fabric, wrestling with the large pattern pieces and then cutting out is draining the sewing energy out of me.  My selective sew-jo means I can't get past the preparation hurdle.

The Calvin Wrap Dress, dust gathering in my project basket.

Conversely, I have four lingerie patterns lined up and I'm eager to get going on those!  I can't wait!!  The start to lingerie sewing is sweet and easy.  Small pattern pieces and scraps of fabric easily fitting on to my cutting mat to be swooshed around with the rotary blade and then I'm all ready to start stitching.  I love it!

So, when you find yourself lacking enthusiasm, motivation or inspiration, what do you do?  I'd like to know your methods of getting going again!

I find there are a couple of ways that I tackle this but it's knowing which approach is the correct one.  Either I walk away - why try and force something that's not going to happen?  Better to leave it till the mood strikes me and I'm more passionate about giving it a go.  Or I force myself to just make a start and hope that kick-starts the sew-jo into action.

Obviously for this blog post it was method one and the mood, thankfully and with a feeling of relief, struck right before the end of month deadline!

I think for my two garment projects though the second approach may be best and I should just make a start.  Even a small step at a time is better than nothing especially with summer peaking.  Watch this space.... 

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  • Emma Prestidge on

    I bought the play top immediately too! 😊 I can’t wait to see your version it sounds divine! I can’t believe more people haven’t made it up yet.

  • KIrsten on

    The Play top 😍😍😍😍😍. I’ve a lovely white cupro in the pile that has been saying turn me into something, but I’ve had no idea what to make, this could be perfect, with some arrow mountain buttons for something a little different. Ohhh off to stalk the hashtag…

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