Swimwear Sewalong ~ Bikini Bottoms - Part Two

Helen Cloke ava bikini swimwear elastic swimwear sewalong

Day 17!  How did that happen so fast? 

Now that my machines are set up for overlocking and triple zig-zag stitching it is the perfect time to return to the bikini bottoms and finish those off!  The side seams have all been completed and it's time for elastic.

Elastic Application:

I use the same method of elastic application that I used for the bikini top.  First overlocking the elastic to the wrong side of the garment, the edge of the elastic lined up with the cut edge of the fabric.

For circular areas such as the leg holes and waist I prefer to sew the elastic in as one long piece, putting tension on it as I go (not stretching it) and then slightly overlapping the ends at the finish as I create the loop.

Using a large darning needle I pass the tail threads of the overlocking through some of the stitching to secure the stitch and get the threads out of the way.

The elastic then gets folded in to the wrong side and is stitched in place from the right side using a 3 step zig-zag.  I go over this in more detail here.

Repeat this for both leg holes and the waist and then the bikini bottoms are finished!  Easy-peasy!

I'm so excited to have one half of my bikini complete!  Also there's only a few small steps to do on the bikini top before it too is finished.

How are you progressing?  Five more days to go before the end of the sewalong ~ don't forget to enter the competition over on Instagram!  Details are on the IG post.

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  • Lynda on

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial. You know when you think you know how it’s done (and you’ve done it before!) but just want to make sure you’re thinking on the right lines??? Swimwear fabric and lining all cut tonight for sewing during the next few weeks. I know summer is over but I’ll be ready for it 😀. Turning the Hanna bralette into bikini top and the Tuesday Boy Shorts into bottoms.

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