Colour Inspiration April ~ 'Hot Tropics'

Helen Cloke bright colours colour inspiration hot tropics

April's colour inspiration is about being bold in your colour choices!  Letting go of any preconceived notions that certain colours clash and should not be paired together - throwing the rules out of the window and creating lingerie that makes you feel alive.

colour inspiration april hot tropics red blue green navy fuchsia

Poppy red, cornflower blue, kelly green, azure and fuchsia.

Add some fun to your lingerie drawer by combining any two of these colours or go crazy and combine all five!

Here are some products that highlight these bold and beautiful colours.

red lace, green and red elastic, blue and fuchsia fabric

 L to R, Top to Bottom: Warm red lace, picot elastic in emerald, recycled nylon swimwear in royal blue, lightweight powernet in ink, fuchsia stretch mesh, 19mm strap elastic in red

I think that lingerie is a great place to have some fun with colour and be expressive, especially if your place of work requires a more demure, neutral coloured, outer attire.  This morning dawned cold, dark and rainy so I decided to wear the bra and knickers set that I made from the brightly coloured 'Precious Jewels' kit (sorry, sold out) and I instantly felt cheery and bright.

Each month I create a limited edition kit that is based on the month's colour inspiration colours.  I name these kits after women who are strong and influential, who are not afraid to stand up or stand out!

This month's kit is called 'The Helena' after Helena Bonham-Carter.  She definitely lets her personality shine though and she is as fearless in her wardrobe combinations as she is in her acting choices.  She also has a pretty darn cool name.

So stay tuned for the next blog post where I'll reveal this months kit.

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  • Lynda on

    Love all those colours but it’s so easy to go the safe route isn’t it? I seem to have traded everything black to everything khaki these days! I need to break out 🤪

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