Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size
Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size
Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size

Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size

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Getting Started in Bra Making ~ Volume 2 Measuring and Bra Size.

When I was a beginner, I remember the measuring part of bra-making was quite confusing!  Sometimes my measurements varied, sometimes my calculations produced different results - how was I supposed to know which size bra to cut out?!  

Can you relate?

I’ve learnt a lot since then and I’ve put all that knowledge into this easy to follow e-book ‘Measuring and Bra Size.’  Start your bra-making off on the right foot (boob) by purchasing this essential resource.

In this information packed volume, you’ll learn all about which body measurements are required for bra making, how to accurately take these measurements and then how to apply them to calculate your bra size. 

BONUS: You’ll have access to an instructional ‘how to measure’ video! (The video is only accessible via the digital booklet - please do not share the link.)

(38 pages) includes:
  • Welcome
  • Introduction - An overview of measuring for bra making
  • Body Measurements - the 5 main measurements used in bra making
  • How to Measure - includes detailed and easy to follow written instructions supported by photographs and a video
  • My Worksheet and Diagram - a handy space to keep a permanent record of your measurements, right at your fingertips
  • Calculating Bra Size - how to use your measurements to work out which bra size to sew
  • Case Studies - examples of the calculations required to work out which bra size to sew, based on three different fit models.
  • Notes - space to jot down your thoughts

This is a Digital e-book which we're super excited about as it's totally interactive!

How to View:
Download this 38 page booklet onto your tablet and open in any reader app* that your device accepts and you can swipe through the pages, click on the tabs to go directly to the chapter you need, and even write in the notes pages with your tablet pencil.
(*Reader apps that you can download for free include: 1. Amazon Kindle, 2. Google Play Books, 3. Apple Books)

Other e-books in this series:
Getting Started in Bra Making - Volumes 1-6

“Intrigued and excited about the world of bra making?

But along with that comes uncertainty and intimidation, right?”

This is a common feeling amongst beginner (and intermediate!) bra makers so I’ve created a series of comprehensive e-books to guide you through Getting Started in Bra Making.

Six volumes that contain the information I would have loved to have had at my fingertips when I first started out with the exciting, yet challenging world of bra making.

My aim is to take away any intimidation, whether you're a complete beginner, or have a few bras under your belt.
    (Volumes 3 through 6 will be released Feb - May 2022)

    Volume 1: Introductory Steps is available as a free pdf download! You can find the link on the website home page.  Prefer the interactive digital version?  This is available at a special price offer.

    Reviews for Vol.1!

    ’Wow I just read through this and there is soooo much valuable info in here.  Wish I had this when I started out… Kai pai’ ~ Kate

    ’This is such a great publication.  I can hardly wait for volume 2-6.  I love how you explain everything very clearly with excellent graphics. It’s perfect!’ ~ Zara

    ’Thanks Helen, I have a friend who is starting bra making and this will be so useful for her! So nice to have everything packed together in one booklet and the illustrations are fantastic’ ~ Rowena 

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