Underwire Library ~ loan pack includes refundable bond
Underwire Library ~ loan pack includes refundable bond
Underwire Library ~ loan pack includes refundable bond
Underwire Library ~ loan pack includes refundable bond

Underwire Library ~ loan pack includes refundable bond

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The underwire library is my way of helping you discover your perfectly fitting underwires without having to purchase multiple underwires, many of which will be incorrect and go unused.

One of the first things to do when you start bra making is to find what underwire fits you best.  But how do you do this?  With so many different styles and sizes it feels like a stab in the dark trying to select the correct one.

Finding out your recommended underwire size from measuring yourself and then referencing the pattern you will be using is a good place to start but in my experience this doesn't always result in the perfect size underwire for you.

You may purchase this recommended size only to find out that it doesn't work.  Then you have to try again, back to making another order, paying extra postage and waiting for it to be delivered before you can see if this new size is THE one.  Repeat as necessary.

You could purchase a selection of different size underwires in your size range but then again, only one may be correct and the others destined to sit in a drawer.  

Then there are the different styles.  Just because your pattern recommends one style doesn't mean that it's the style that is the best shape for you.

Hence the underwire library!  Your chance to loan out a full set of underwires in a certain style, giving you the opportunity to try out all the sizes, keep the set that is in your size and return the rest.

Benefits of the underwire library:

  • All the sizes all at your fingertips means you only have to do the one fitting session to find your wire
  • Included in the library are notes on how to fit/choose an underwire referencing online information
  • Cost effective way of finding your correct underwire
  • Less waste!  No more unusable underwires languishing in drawers
  • Stress free returnable postage - the return postage is all included

Pricing: The $39 price is made up from $14 to cover return courier shipping with the remaining $25 as a refundable bond.  You may choose to keep a set of underwires (retail $4.50) and this will be deducted from your bond.

*Please note this product is available within New Zealand only due to the built in shipping cost.  If you are outside of NZ then please contact me for a custom quote.

If you are hiring out a set of underwires as part of a larger order and postage can be combined then any overcharge of postage will also be refunded.

All ten underwire styles are available for hire - if you would like help selecting a style then please contact me.

If the underwire style you require is already hired out then you can contact me to request a hold and I will notify you once it becomes available.

The hire period is for 14 days at the end of which you will be sent an email reminding you to activate the return postage.  Your bond will be returned promptly upon receipt of the underwires.

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