Colour Inspiration January 'Hi(gh) Summer Hydrangea'

Helen Cloke colour inspiration hi(gh) summer hydrangea

I know there are a lot of you pink and purple lovers out there!  In the past, these two colours have never jumped to mind when discussing my colour favourites but lately I've felt my heart flutter over quite a few dusky purples and bright fuchsias.

It may have something to do with the abundance of Hydrangea flowers currently in bloom.  I love how they look so fresh and bold mid summer and then fade out towards autumn but still manage to retain their appeal.  And the colour variations!! The softest pinky greens, intense blues and deepest purples.  Yum!

hydrangea colour inspiration

Violet, Sky Blue, Fuchsia, Periwinkle, Midnight

Here are some products that highlight these colours:

pink and purple fabric

Recycled nylon swimwear 'Playtime', ~  Picot elastic 'Aqua', ~  Supplex 'Fuchsia', ~  Picot elastic 'Lilac', ~  Recycled nylon swimwear 'Navy'

Lingerie is a fun way to bring these colours into your wardrobe!

Each month I create a limited edition kit that is based on the month's colour inspiration colours; so stay tuned for the next blog post where I'll reveal this months kit.

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