Colour Inspiration May ~ 'Reflections'

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Haven't we suddenly felt the change of seasons here in New Zealand?!  We've still had some lovely sunshine where I live but it has been accompanied with a definitely chilly breeze.  May is my birthday month and Autumn is my favourite season.  I love the changing of nature's colours at this time of year - the fresh greens making way for the warmer browns and reds.  We get a beautiful dusting of snow on our mountain as well and that provides a cool bluey grey backdrop to all the golden tones.

Fawn, smoky blue, forest green, claret and ice blue.  These colours create a more subdued and introspective pallet.

Here are some products that highlight these rich, earthy colours.

beige lace, blue picot, velvet ribbon and cotton lycra
L to R: Stretch lace - tea, picot elastic - sky, velvet ribbon - olive, cotton lycra - merlot, velvet ribbon - pale blue

After colour crazy April, I'm looking forward to sewing up items in a more earthy palette.  These colours combined together are strong and subtle and interest will come from the richness of the textures and the depth of colour.

Each month I create a limited edition kit that is based on the month's colour inspiration colours.  I name these kits after women who are strong and influential, who are not afraid to stand up or stand out!

This month's kit is called 'The Foster' after Jodie Foster. Supremely talented actress and director who has spent her whole life in showbiz, Jodie comes across as a very natural and grounded person with an inner confidence. 

So stay tuned for the next blog post where I'll reveal this months kit.

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