Colour Inspiration February ~ Abstract Celebration of Love

Helen Cloke colour inspiration Limited Edition Kit

February’s colour inspiration has been inspired by my daughter Lily and her artwork.

Lily has been really exploring her creativity over the school holidays and has been producing some fantastic chalk drawings (our new house has a very large concrete driveway - the perfect canvas).

Here's a heart drawing that we created together. The heart put me in mind of upcoming Valentines Day  - Lily quite enjoys the 14th of February and pays no heed to it being traditionally a celebration of romantic love, she just enjoys celebrating all types of love and we (her parents) are often the recipient of a lovingly drawn, handmade card. 



This month’s Limited Edition kit (see below) isn't a traditional 'Valentines' lingerie set but rather a happy, colourful, abstract celebration of love.


The main fabric is a stunning, weighty and drapey, stretch satin with colourful watercolour hearts on an ivory background. The stretch percentage of this fabric is around 15%. The elastic is in a mixture of colours that compliment those found in the fabric. Your bra can then be perfectly finished with a red rose embellishment!

You could use this kit to create a lovely Boylston bra by Orange Lingerie or how about a Classic bra by Pin Up Girls?

The extra kit contains an ivory stretch mesh perfect for making briefs to turn your bra into a matching set. The Eva Panties by Studio Costura or Montgomery Briefs by Orange Lingerie would work a treat. 

This kit is available in both 12mm and 19mm strap elastic and as either a 'standard' or 'extra' option. 


We look forward to seeing what you’ll make up this month with these. Don’t forget to tag us @nelliejoans so we can see what you’ve been up to.

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