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The only time my daughter has any interest in sewing is usually around 9pm at night when she's desperately trying out any excuse to not be asleep, 'Mom, I just really want us to sew something together.' 'Get to bed you hooligan!' is my usual jokey reply.  At any other time when I suggest sewing as a nice mommy-daughter bonding activity she brushes me off, so I know she's not at all interested in my hobby.

Lily may not care for sewing but she has inherited my creativity (and not just in the excuses department!) Well, I should say, Lily has inherited OUR creativity as my husband has an equal amount, if not more, creative past-times than me.

This month's colour scheme was inspired by Lily's creativity.  She spent part of her school holidays turning our concrete driveway into a colourful explosion of chalk art.  I loved watching her deep in the creative flow and seeing the resulting art. 

chalk drawing of a face

I love that she loves being creative.  With art and crafts, writing and singing, Lily knows how to creatively express herself.  Is creativity inherited or is it a learned thing?  Perhaps it's a combination of the two?  The fact that her parents are creative meant that Lily's upbringing was filled with creative past-times.  If we were sporty parents for example, Lily would probably be a sports-mad kid.  Maybe?

I've not pondered this before, simply assuming that I'm creative because my mom is creative because her parents were creative.  But it must also be because my creativity was nurtured.  That during my childhood, my mom surrounded me with the tools to express myself; she wasn't afraid of a spot of finger-painting and knew the play dough recipe off by heart.  Can I also credit my childhood friends who lovingly accepted my handcrafted gifts? (A paper-mache photo frame in the shape of the Taurus symbol comes to mind.)  And teachers who put as much emphasis on art work as they did academia and sports.

With the exception of Mrs E**** who when I was 6 years old and happily creating a masterpiece with colourful paper shapes glued onto paper, took said masterpiece, screwed it up and threw it in the bin!  I spent the rest of class time bawling my eyes out.  Do I still hold a grudge?  You betcha!! 

I would be overjoyed if Lily showed an interest in sewing (and other handcrafts,) maybe it's still developing.  Maybe I need to tell myself that everyone has their own individual interests and we don't all need to share in them!  I'm certainly happy to leave Minecraft gaming to Lily :)

What traits have your children inherited from you?  Have you managed to foster a love of sewing in them?  Any tips?!

Happy Sewing, Helen xxx

Also bonus point to anyone who counts the number of times I used the word 'creative' in the post :)


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