Monthly Musing ~ The pressure to be productive

Helen Cloke monthly musing

Well, I didn't quite expect my Instagram grid to finish the month looking like this!

Thanks to our quick acting government we here in NZ are in full lockdown, operating on essential services only in an effort to curb COVID-19.  For me that means shutting down my online shop as our courier services here put limits on the goods that they are shipping.

For many of us we now find ourselves with that oft dreamed for time off, a whole month at home where we can now tackle all those tasks that we previously 'never had time for.'

My task list is HUGE.  If this lockdown period gets extended I'll not be in any risk of being bored.  But that's my problem.  At the moment I'm feeling intense pressure (coming from myself only) to be super productive.  If I don't walk out of this isolation time with a house that is spic and span top to bottom (including the dreaded windows inside and out) a landscape that is fully finished (this includes: finish building and painting a carport, erecting block walls, digging out a pond, filling and mulching garden beds etc,) and the garage roof could do with a re-paint.  Then there is all the business admin and ideas that need realising, a daily face paint challenge that is currently happening (I've got a side business face-painting - for those that don't know this.) and all the fabric and patterns I have stashed away just waiting for some free time to sew.  Phew!

What I really need to work on first is telling myself that, yes, it would be nice to get some of this work accomplished but if I don't, then that's ok too.  C'est la vie.  And 'la vie' is very odd at the moment so after a month if all I've achieved is retention of my sanity then that is cause for celebration.

With most of the world in the same situation as us in New Zealand, I wish you all the very best for the coming month.  Remember to take time just to chill, just to be and just to breathe. 

I'll leave you with this meme that I came across because will my windows get cleaned?  Honestly, probably not.

Helen xxx 

cleaning meme

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