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From the outset of creating Nellie Joans, I've always tried to be conscious about using and promoting minimal/sustainable packaging on my products and for order fulfilment.

From the compostable cellophane bags that house the bra kits, to the tissue paper and paper tape that orders are wrapped in, I'm pretty proud that I can offer minimal packaging that is either reusable, compostable or recyclable!  This approach is covered in more detail in our Sustainability Practice page.

Bra sewing kits in cellophane bag packaging with sticker

Nellie Joans bra kits in compostable cellophane bags, sealed with an Art Paper sticker from StickerDot

I also really enjoy using stickers as a powerful and efficient tool for fastening kit bags and promoting my brand.

I source these from StickerDot.  StickerDot is an online based New Zealand company that specialises in custom stickers.  After plenty of research, I chose StickerDot as their ordering process is easy, their turnaround time is quick and their pricing is very competitive with a 'Lowest Price Guarantee.'

Sample pack of different sticker types

StickerDot’s sample stickers

StickerDot recently sent me a sample pack of all of the types of stickers that they offer.  I currently get the 'Art Paper' stickers but the 'Kraft Paper' stickers also resonated with me as the tag line from the website listing description is 'Sustainable, eco-friendly paper sticker.'

I like the idea that once you've opened up your Nellie Joans bra kit and removed the goodies for sewing that the complete packaging (cellophane bag and sticker) can be popped in the compost.

I sew my own lingerie graphic with Nellie Joans watermark

Graphic ‘#ISEWMYOWNLINGERIE’ with Nellie Joans watermark

StickerDot kindly offered to provide me with 100 Kraft Paper stickers with a design of my choice so I've designed this cool graphic to promote our sewing skills!  Every order placed with Nellie Joans will receive one of these stickers (until stock runs out.) Pop one on your sewing machine, sewing journal or gift to another lingerie maker, these stickers are a fun way to say 'I Sew My Own Lingerie!'

StickerDot have a great selection of branding options and I recommend requesting a sample pack so you can decide on the best product to fit your business.  Packaging for orders in a small online shop can get costly so hopefully this blog helps other small business owners to boost their brand while still respecting the bottom dollar.

Exclusive Nellie Joans:StickerDot sticker! 

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