Tutorials ~ Embellishing with ribbon

Helen Cloke how-to satin ribbon tutorial

I love adding personalised details to my bra makes.  Recently I filmed two tutorials on how to use satin ribbon in bra-making.

The first one is how to create bows hand tied with thread.  This tutorial is a great way to use up small ribbon pieces and those spool ends of thread!

hand tied ribbon bows

The second tutorial is how to create a gathered ribbon detail on the front of elastic straps.  Not only another handy way to use up small ribbon scraps and strap elastic pieces but it also makes it easy to colour match if you don't particularly have the right coloured strap elastic.

ribbon straps

You can find both of these video tutorials on my Instagram @nelliejoans IGTV.  I plan on making more videos so be sure to follow and stay updated!

Also I'd love to see if you make anything using these tutorials so be sure to tag me or send me a photo.

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