My match-up's ~ The Abbie chemise and Rosy Lady shorts : The Jane kit

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This month's match-up is a quick and easy one! 

The viscose knit fabric in the Jane kit can be made into many different garments and I chose kit three (the cami kit) to make an Abbie chemise by House Morrighan.  I felt like it would show off the softness and fluidity of the fabric nicely.  You can read more about the Abbie chemise in my 'mini review.'

I really loved how the chemise came out and could see how it could double up as sleepwear.  With this in mind, I decided to pair it with some boy-leg cut briefs and turned to one of my favourite patterns to create them.

The Rosy Lady shorts by Cloth Habit is a free pattern which you can find the link to here.  It is a very simple, one piece (plus gusset) pattern and is cut for comfort!  I love wearing these briefs.  In fact, I'm well overdue for making some replacement pairs for the ones I've currently worn to pieces!

The sewing is straight forward.  There is a front and back seam that replaces the traditional side seam, a lining to cover the gusset seam, your choice of elastic finishing and voila, you have yourself a pair of briefs.

To match them to the Abbie chemise, I finished the leg-holes and waist with the latte coloured stretch lace (included in the kit) and I think this is a beautiful contrast to the off-white viscose knit.  The bonus to this is that it creates a smooth finish that doesn't cut into your flesh and create panty-line marks.  I always find underwear more versatile like this because it's not so limiting to what outer garments you can wear on top.

I'm enjoying the pairing of these two patterns.  I think they both have that classic, relaxed feel and make great summer sleepwear or layering pieces for when the weather is cooler.


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